Les États généraux du film documentaire 2008 Doc Route: Czech Republic — And a detour by Slovakia Soňa and her family

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Soňa and her family ( O Soni a jej rodine )
Daniela Rusnoková
2006 - Slovaquie - Couleur - 37'

Not a valley, just a hole beside a dump. No path leading to the house, only mud on the way to a miserable shed. Lacking everything, but not a lack of kids. This is where Mrs. Soňa lives — In the middle of this Roma reality — strong and intelligent. But also helpless.

Photography : Daniela Rusnoková, Peter Zalubel
Sound : Daniela Rusnoková, Miroslava Rusnoková, Ján Anãic, Ondrej Pokuta, Ján Bleslav
Editing : Jana Vlãková
Production : VŠMU
Distribution : VŠMU ( festivals@vsmu.sk, +421 2 5930 3577)