Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Viewing experiences Dream Box

Dream Box
Jeroen Van der Stock
2017 - Belgique - Couleur - 43'

On Shikoku Island, Japan, lies a generic building in the midst of mysterious woods. While the remains of morning fog hanging over the mountain forests are slowly clearing, a couple of puppies sunbathing outside the building are startled by the sudden arrival of a small truck. A few unidentified men offload a few cages from the vehicle. Trapped in the cages are a number of cats and dogs. The animals are at the beginning of a process of waiting in which they either seem to be killing time or enter the Dream Box…

Photography : Xavier Van D’Huynslager
Sound : Jeroen Van der Stock, Boris Debackere
Editing : Bram Van Paesschen
Production : Visualantics