Les États généraux du film documentaire 2012 Doc History: The Baltic Countries Senis ir žemė (Le Vieil Homme et la Terre)

Senis ir žemė (Le Vieil Homme et la Terre)
Robertas Verba
1965 - Lituanie - Noir & Blanc - 18'

The Trimonis, an old country couple, tell their life story and speak of the sacrifices made for their children's education. At the end of the film, a tombstone is bought for the wife, who died while the film was being made.

Photography : Vladimiras Kostiugovas, Robertas Verba
Sound : Kazys Zabulis
Editing : Vytenis Imbrasas
Production : LKS Lithuanian Film Studio
Distribution : Archives centrales de l'État de Lituanie (v.juseviciute@archyvai.lt)