Les États généraux du film documentaire 2015 Fragment of a filmmaker’s work: Michael Snow See You Later – Au revoir

See You Later – Au revoir
Michael Snow
1990 - Canada - Couleur - 18'

See You Later is constructed on an extremely slow movement. The camera is set up on a fixed tripod and pans over the arc of a circle, in reality in a thirty-second shot, but which in projection takes seventeen minutes. ‘See you later’ is a phrase which can be used to describe filmic events. The filmed living acts are preserved for later. In relation to the meanings contained in the title, the visual safeguarding of the filmed event stimulates a tragic feeling of mortality: a vision plunged ‘within’ a segment of space-time whose point of departure is totally prosaic.” M.S.

Sound : Michael Snow
Editing : Ira Cohen
Interpretation : Peggy Gale, Michael Snow
Production : Michael Snow
Distribution : Cinédoc Paris Films Coop