Les États généraux du film documentaire 2007 Séances spéciales Scenes from a Wild Boar Hunt

Scenes from a Wild Boar Hunt ( Scènes de chasse au sanglier )
Claudio Pazienza
2007 - Belgique/France - Couleur - 46'

"Meditation on the images which dwell inside me and those I would exile myself to. Meditation on the meaning of the word "reality" and meditation on the estrangement of images and words. Meditation on bereavement, the death of those close to me and oin the way to "put into images" the noise of things and of the world. Meditation on the "matière-à-images", on the desire to touch. Meditation on the desire to destroy. Meditation on images, and on the the wish to remain inconsolable." (Claudio Pazienza)

Photography : Vincent Pinckaers, Claudio Pazienza, Rachel Simoni, Rémon Fromont
Sound : Irvic d’Olivier
Editing : Julien Contreau
Production : Komplot Films Etc, Les Films du Présent, Arte France
Distribution : Les Films du Présent (contact@lesfilmsdupresent.fr, +33 (0)4 90 49 69 66)