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Salto mortale
Guillaume Kozakiewiez
2014 - France/Suisse - Couleur - 95'

In 2000, Antoine Rigot, a tightrope master, lost the use of his legs. Instead of compelling him to give up the stage, this accident encouraged him to become both the object and subject of his show Le Bal des Intouchables. Little by little, his desire to flirt with equilibrium returns. The fall and rebirth of a tightrope walker.

Photography : Guillaume Kozakiewiez
Sound : Grégory Nieuviarts
Editing : Kamel Maad
Production : Vivement lundi !, Caravel Production, Zeugma films, AGM Factory
Distribution : Zeugma films
(egomba@zeugma-films.fr, +33 (0)1 43 87 00 54)