Les États généraux du film documentaire 2010 Uncertain Viewpoints Safar

Tahleh Daryanavard
2010 - Belgique - Couleur - 55'

Amina, Fatoma and Asma are three friends from small islands of the Persian Golf in the South of Iran. They managed to go to university in Teheran from where they are taking a train that will bring them back to their native village. The movie accompanies them during the ride in the intimacy of a compartment. This ordinary journey without any geographical marker, is transformed, as the hours go by, into an introspection session during which the girls recall their personal experiences and analyse them with a bewildering lucidity. As the landscapes unfold behind the window, three lifepaths made of dreams, desires and hesitation, come to life.

Photography : Virginie Surdej
Sound : Vahid Hajlouy
Editing : Deborah Benarosch, France Duez
Production : Iota productions, CBA, Gsara, Télédistributeurs Wallons
Distribution : Iota productions (info@iotaproduction.com, + 32 23 44 65 31)