Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 Doc Route: Germany Revision

Philip Scheffner
2012 - Allemagne - Couleur - 106'

On June 29th, 1992 a farmer discovers two bodies in a corn field in the northeast of Germany. Police enquiries lead to the fact that the dead men are Romanian citizens. During the attempt to cross the EU border, they have been shot by hunters. The hunters claim that they had mistaken the people for wild boar. Four years later, the trial begins. It will never be proved, which of the hunters has fired the fatal bullet. The verdict: not guilty. German Press Agency dpa reports: “From Romania, no one has arrived for the rendition of judgment.”

Photography : Bernd Meiners
Sound : Pascal Capitolin, Volker Zeigermann
Editing : Philip Scheffner
Production : Pong, Kröger & Scheffner GbR
Distribution : Deckert Distribution GmbH (info@deckert-distribution.com, +49 341 215 66 39)