Les États généraux du film documentaire 2007 Séances spéciales Retour en Normandie

Retour en Normandie
Nicolas Philibert
2006 - France - Couleur - 113'

This film’s origins lie in another. The one that the director René Allio shot in Normandy in 1975 based on a local crime : I, Pierre Rivière, Having Slaughtered My Mother, My Sister and My Brother... I was twenty-four at that time. René Allio had offered me a position as first assistant director. This film owed most of his uniqueness to the fact that nearly every part was given to local country people. Today, I have decided to return to Normandy to seek out the transient actors of the film.

Photography : Kastell Djian, Nicolas Philibert
Sound : Yolande Decarsin
Editing : Nicolas Philibert, Thadhée Bertrand
Production : Les films d’Ici, Maïa Films
Distribution : Les films du Losange (m.berthon@filmsdulosange.fr, +33 (0)1 44 43 87 15)