Les États généraux du film documentaire 2016 The Right Methods Qui suis-je ? Marseille 1990

Qui suis-je ? Marseille 1990
Hélène Châtelain
1991 - France - Couleur - 44'

Thirteen autobiographical stories told facing the camera presented in this way at the beginning of the film: “Written and recorded by the excluded themselves to be projected at the beginning of the play Le Cinécadre de l’esplanade Loreto (written and directed by Armand Gatti). These fragments of life are also their first confrontation with the world of writing.” The arrangement: a space, a person, a destiny and a question: “Who am I?”

Photography : Jean-Louis Porte
Sound : Jean-François Priester
Editing : Stéphane Gatti
Production : Vidéo 13 Production, La parole errante