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Because We Were Born ( Puisque nous sommes nés )
Andrea Santana, Jean-Pierre Duret
2008 - France/Brésil - Couleur - 90'

Brazil. Nordeste. The state of Pernambouc. Cocada and Nego are fourteen and thirteen years old. Cocada has a dream, to become a truck driver. His father died murdered. He found Mineiro as a substitute father, a trucker who listens, talks to him and counsels him when temptation for easy money becomes stronger. Nego lives in a favela, surrounded by many siblings. After working in the fields, his mother wishes he could go to school, but Nego wants to leave and make money. At night, he wanders about the service station, fascinated by the illuminated windows of the shops, the businesses that sell everything, abundant food. With his friend Cocada, they watch the endless movement of the trucks and travellers. Everything speaks to them about this big country which they don’t know at all. Their only perspective: a road towards São Paulo, towards somewhere else.

Photography : Andrea Santana, Jean-Pierre Duret
Sound : Andrea Santana, Jean-Pierre Duret
Editing : Catherine Rascon
Production : Ex Nihilo
Distribution : Documentaire sur grand écran (scosta@documentairesurgrandecran.fr, +33 (0)1 40 38 04 00)