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Private Century — Low-Level Flight ( Soukromé století — Nízký let )
Jan Šikl
2006 - République tchèque - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - 52'

Based on amateur Super 8 films and personal diaries, this film reconstitutes during the sixties and seventies the history of the couple formed by Kát’a and Franta. Kát’a is fascinated by Franta, a handsome man with an assertive personality and fighter pilot in the Czech Air Force. She accepts the vagaries of his career as a pilot and follows him with the whole family to the USSR. The couple starts encountering problems. This film is part of the Private Century series, stories from history reconstituted from family archives.

Sound : Daniel Němec
Editing : Šimon Špidla
Production : Pragafilm
Distribution : Pragafilm (pf@wo.cz, +420 222 522 282)