Les États généraux du film documentaire 2016 Fragment of a filmmaker’s work: Kamal Aljafari Port of Memory

Port of Memory ( Minaa Elzakira )
Kamal Aljafari
2009 - Palestine/France/Allemagne - Couleur - 63'

In what is left of the city of Jaffa, a man about to lose his house contemplates his fate. Meanwhile two women remain tied to their homes. One finds solace feeding her old mother, until her house is taken over by an Israeli film crew. The other immerses herself in dreams of love whilst making wedding decorations. In a nearby café an old captain sits motionless the whole day through, while another man moves restless like a fish in an aquarium. For these Palestinian characters, these rituals are ways of holding onto hope.

Photography : Jacques Besse
Sound : Gilles Laurent
Editing : Marie-Hélène Mora
Production : Kamal Aljafari, NovelFilms, MPM Film