Les États généraux du film documentaire 2016 The Right Methods Boys in Wolve’s Disguise

Boys in Wolve’s Disguise
Vincent Pouplard
2016 - France - Couleur - 59'

Roman and Sifredy are on the move. These twin brothers are advancing into adulthood and are trying to understand the world around them. Adolescents, they separately experienced captivity, flight and inclusion processes. Together they have experienced carelessness, violence, judgements. In secret, subterranean hideaways, squats, the edges of woods, under cloudy skies and dim neon tubes, in places where light has difficulty penetrating, they invent their lives, its language and its codes.

“Brouillon d’un rêve” grant recipient

Photography : Julien Bossé, Vincent Pouplard
Sound : Jérémie Halbert
Editing : Régis Noël, Vincent Pouplard
Production : Les Films du Balibari