Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Fragment of a filmmaker’s work: Guy Sherwin Paper Landscape #2

Paper Landscape #2
Guy Sherwin
2017 - Royaume-Uni - Couleur - 7'

“The projector illuminates a transparent polythene screen. Behind the screen stands the performer/filmmaker who applies white paint to the polythene. As a result the film image is revealed; it shows the same performer slowly tearing up a paper screen of the same size, to reveal a landscape. With the live performer gradually walling himself in behind a layer of white paint, the attention of the audience turns increasingly to the image of landscape projected onto this surface, and to the illusory performer. Finally the confines of the cinema space are dramatically reaffirmed...” (G.S.) [description of the original Paper Landscape from 1975]


Photography : Guy Sherwin
Sound : Guy Sherwin
Editing : Guy Sherwin
Production : Guy Sherwin