Les États généraux du film documentaire 2007 Uncertain Viewpoints Où sont nos amoureuses

Où sont nos amoureuses
Robin Hunzinger
2006 - France - Couleur - 53'

Two young provincial Frenchwomen Emma and Thérèse, students then teachers in the thirties, attempt to realize their committed and loving destinies. Their emancipation will slowly evolve from a sore experience to an ordeal by fire. After their breakup, in 1940, Emma who is married, lives in a Nazi German annexed Alsace. Thérèse, in Brittany, is an active participant in the French resistance. Arrested by the Gestapo, she dies in 1943 under torture without divulging names. The director (Emma’s grand son) assembles the broken pieces of these two lives and presents the destiny of these two women.

Photography : Robin Hunzinger
Sound : Jean-Philippe Chalté
Editing : Robin Hunzinger
Production : Real Productions, France 3
Distribution : Real Productions (contact@real-productions.net, +33 (0)1 40 35 55 00)