Les États généraux du film documentaire 2012 Rescreenings Ost (Est)

Ost (Est)
Charlie Rojo
2012 - France - Couleur - 41'

Berlin, January 2012. Low grey sky. Cold. Snow. The breath of a woman walking. And at each corner, history. And hidden here and there, the wall, its histories. As if suspended. Heidrun Müeller was twenty-two years old when the wall fell. The GDR, life in the East, life after the fall of the wall... Historic and personal upheavals are mixed up. Native of a country that no longer exists, she remembers and speaks. She talks of Berlin, “her” Berlin. A city with different faces and unsuspected facets.

Photography : Charlie Rojo
Sound : Charlie Rojo
Editing : Elisa Zampagni, Charlie Rojo
Production : L'image d'après
Distribution : L'image d'après (maudmartin@limagedapres.fr, +33 (0)6 40 23 43 30)