Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Reruns Occupied by Infinity, They Go Fishing

Occupied by Infinity, They Go Fishing
Christian Barani
1997 - France - Noir & Blanc - 22'

This film looks at the disappearing religious and industrial cultures in the small town of Scardovari, situated in the north of Italy (in the Po Delta). This disappearing as well as the economic situation pushes people to go back to the water in order to survive. The image is there to represent the memory of a place, an interior landscape, a mystery. A narration that belongs to the world of the exegesis, an infinite world of relations, of networks, where each image corresponds with another, always opening up the meaning and breaking up the unity of history.

Photography : Christian Barani
Sound : Christian Barani
Editing : Christian Barani
Production : Christian Barani