Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Fragment of a filmmaker’s work: Guy Sherwin Night Train

Night Train
Guy Sherwin
1979 - Royaume-Uni - Noir & Blanc - 2'

“The sound of lights passing through a dark landscape seen from a moving train. Night Train is a time-lapse film that reduces the journey time from Birmingham to London to two minutes. The images in the film are also its optical soundtrack.” (G.S.) “Night Train may be seen as continuing the Vertovian tradition of employing film to reveal phenomena not normally visible to the naked eye. Night Train was shot from a moving train at night, using time exposures of half a second per frame. The camera records passing lights as traces, so the nearer the objects to the train, the longer the trace.” (Nicky Hamlyn)

16 mm projection

Photography : Guy Sherwin
Sound : Guy Sherwin
Editing : Guy Sherwin
Production : Guy Sherwin