Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Doc route: Lebanon My Father Is Still a Communist

My Father Is Still a Communist
Ahmad Ghossein
2011 - Liban/EAU - Couleur - 32'

Mariam is the mother of four kids. Her husband Rachid worked abroad for more than ten years. From 1978 to 1988, Mariam’s way of corresponding with her husband was through sending him audio cassettes. The cassettes provide intimate details of how a couple’s relationship evolves with the passing of time. We also understand the direct consequences of the political climate of the country in which she leads her everyday life.

Photography : Karam Ghossein
Sound : Ramzi Madi
Editing : Vartan Avakian
Music : Abed el Halim Hafez “Zalamuh”
Production : Ahmad Ghossein, Sharjah Art Foundation