Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Fragment of a filmmaker’s work: Guy Sherwin Musical Stairs

Musical Stairs
Guy Sherwin
1977 - Royaume-Uni - Noir & Blanc - 9'

“One of a series of films that has a soundtrack generated directly from its own imagery. The staircase was recorded specifically for the range of sounds it produced. I used a fixed lens from a single position at the bottom of the stairs. Tilting the camera upwards increases the number of steps included in the frame. The more steps, the higher the pitch of sound. This simple procedure gave rise to a musical scale. A range of volume is introduced by varying the exposure; the darker the image the louder the sound.” (G.S.)

16 mm projection

Photography : Guy Sherwin
Sound : Guy Sherwin
Editing : Guy Sherwin
Production : Guy Sherwin