Les États généraux du film documentaire 2011 Doc Route: Italy Dying of Work

Dying of Work ( Morire di lavoro )
Daniele Segre
2008 - Italie - Couleur - 88'

The Italian building sector: workers and relatives of workers died on the workplace report their experiences. Filmed in a portait fashion, they look at a fixed camera. Two Italian and one Senegalese actors each convey a story of a worker who died on the workplace. Dying of Work deals with deadly accidents in building sites, the pride to work, ways of learning a job, safety and lack of it, working on the black, labour exploitation.

Photography : Marco Carosi, Iacopo De Gregori
Sound : Fabio Minciguerra, Davide Pesola, Mirko Guerra, Gianni Valentino
Editing : Daniele Segre
Production : I Cammelli S.a.s.
Distribution : I Cammelli S.a.s. ( icammelli.torino@gmail.com, +39 11 5695620)