Les États généraux du film documentaire 2010 Fragment of a filmmaker's work: Jørgen Leth Motion Picture

Motion Picture
Jørgen Leth, Ole John
1970 - Danemark - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - 20'

Motion Picture is not a sports film in the traditionnal sense, more like a meditation on movement, ecstasy and film with tennis freak, Torben Ulrich. Ulrich exemplifies a loner seeking to elevate a trivial instant into a higher moment. The same moment Leth studies in many of his films but to which he devotes his full attention in Motion Picture – a “small” film which over the years has shown itself to be a masterpiece. The film was shot on thirty-meter rolls and all the cuts were made in the camera, so the film consists solely of uncut sequences. In the experimenting spirit of the era, it was originally intended that the film could be shortened or lengthened as required without losing its basic concept.

Photography : Ole John
Sound : Peter Sakse
Editing : Jørgen Leth, Ole John
Production : Jørgen Leth, Ole John
Distribution : Danish Film Institute (thomasc@dfi.dk, +45 33 74 35 76)