Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Docmonde I am Gagarin

I am Gagarin ( Ia Gagarin )
Olga Darfy
2017 - Russie/France - Couleur - 67'

In 1991, the Soviet Union disappeared. With this collapse of the country as a backdrop, DJs turned to electronic music and LSD. My friend, Vania Salmaksov, organiser of rave parties and figure of the movement, went missing in 1998. Following his traces, I reconstitute this vertiginous period using fragments of experiences, interviews, archives and memories. Where is Vania Salmaksov? Where have these intense feelings, this extreme excitement, our weird romanticism all gone? Where has that time flown, that of our youth?

Photography : Paul Champart
Sound : Amélie Canini
Editing : César Diaz
Production : Petit à petit production, Patriot, Lyon Capitale TV