Les États généraux du film documentaire 2014 Viewing Experiences Michel

Blaise Othnin-Girard
2014 - France - Couleur - 114'

“It seems to me that paradise... It's a love that pierces your gut and makes you really happy... A feeling of splitting from love in a faraway place. It's a place where you can make paradise ecstatic.” (Michel)
I have not seen Michel again since 2001. He lived at the time in a therapeutic apartment in Mâcon. But problems came up. I have now found him again in a hospital in a Complex Psychiatric Unit; a silent, enclosed sector. His words are revealed between pain and resistance, humour and lucidity; is also discovered a love story between constrained bodies.

Author : Texte : Anton Tchékov
Photography : Blaise Othnin-Girard
Sound : Pierre Gamet
Editing : Gordana Zivkovic
Interpretation : Jean-Louis Trintignant
Production : Stalker Film