Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 Africa No Harm Done

No Harm Done
Alina Isabel Perèz, Nadia El Fani
2012 - France - Couleur - 66'

This film shows Nadia El Fani who was struggling on two levels while directing Laïcité Inch'Allah !: with extremists and violent attacks and, on the other hand, with cancer. Two kinds of fights equally revealing a very strong will to be both alive and free. "I always regarded freedom as the main issue of all my films. Why make a film to recount 'the consequences of a film'? This allowed me to continue the struggle and so say once more that 'those who live are those who fight' (Victor Hugo)." (Nadia El Fani)

Photography : Alina Isabel Perèz, Dominique Lapierre, Fatma Cherif, Nadia El Fani
Sound : Nadia El Fani, Alina Isabel Pérez, Fatma Cherif
Editing : Jérémy Leroux
Production : K'ien Productions
Distribution : Doc & Film International (doc@docandfilm.com, + 33 (0)1 42 77 56 87)