Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Sacem day My Life as a Double Bass

My Life as a Double Bass
Hubert Dubois, Pierre Befve
2016 - France - Couleur - 52'

“Forgive me if I am a bit of a show-off, but I deserve it. I am 140 years old and have a successful musical career behind me. I was born in 1880 in Mirecourt, the birthplace of French stringed instrument making. And then? Well, follow me along the roads of France and enjoy the trip that my double bass player and I are making to reconstruct my story. I have preserved my deep tone that has been admired by all the double bass players we have met during our investigation. Yes, I am a show-off but I am a grand lady.” The Sacem award for the Best music documentary of 2017 will be awarded to Hubert Dubois et Pierre Befve.

Photography : Pierre Befve
Sound : Christian Lamalle, Nicolas Titeux
Editing : Dominique Petitjean
Music : Hubert Dubois
Production : Bonobo productions, France 3 Lorraine