Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 Doc History: Belgium Les Maisons de la misère

Les Maisons de la misère
Henri Storck
1937 - Belgique - Noir & Blanc - 30'

The experience of Poverty in the region of Borinage left Henri Storck profoundly shaken by the injustice and social wretchedness he had seen. He decided to follow up with an in-depth enquiry into the world of slums and degraded housing with his camera as a militant cineaste. In a parcel of Walloon slums, he staged exemplary characters and situations: the promiscuity of large families, women who die in childbirth, the fear of bailiffs, the usurers, rapacious landlords, and their evictions, children without childhoods, unemployment, incest and prostitution, tuberculosis, the impossibility of learning, but also the solidarity among neighbours.

Author : Fernand Piette, Henri Storck
Photography : Eli Lotar, John Ferno
Sound : Ricard Eliot
Editing : Henri Storck
Music : Maurice Jaubert
Production : CEP (Cinéma-Édition-Production)
Distribution : Fonds Henri Storck (info@fondshenristorck.be, +32 (0)2 219 63 33)