Les États généraux du film documentaire 2018 Docmonde Cursed Days

Cursed Days
Artem Iurchenko
2018 - France - Couleur - 72'

Ukraine, 2014. In his workshop, Vladimir devotes himself to teaching precise lines, in between cups of coffee. Time seems suspended here, while fragments of the present seep in: the sounds and images of the revolution that is rumbling on Maidan Square get this far, against the will of Vladimir, who is reluctant to recognise that his country’s history may influence his life or his work. And yet, the fine line of his pencil represents all the violence of the past, of the present and perhaps already a future war.

Photography : Artem Iurchenko
Sound : Artem Iurchenko
Editing : Charlotte Tourrès
Production : De films en aiguille, Survivance