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The Himmler Project ( Das Himmler-Projekt )
Romuald Karmakar
2000 - Allemagne - Couleur - 182'

Heinrich Himmler's three-and-a-half-hour-long "Posen Speech" to ninety-two SS generals in the Golden Hall of Posen Castle (Poland) on the occasion of the SS Group Leader's conference on the fourth of October, 1943 is "one of the most terrifying documents of German language". On the other, it is one of the most important documents of National-Socialism. Actor Manfred Zapatka reads the entire speech, employing the authentic text which was reconstructed from the original sound recording. The film was shot in one day, using four cameras in a studio.

Author : Romuald Karmakar, Stefan Eberlein
Photography : Bernd Neubauer, Werner Penzel, Florian Süssmayer
Sound : Klaus-Peter Kaiser
Editing : Nicholas Goodwin
Production : Pantera Film
Distribution : Pantera Film (welcome@romuald-karmakar.de, +49 30 68810141)