Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Viewing experiences The Fish

The Fish ( El pez )
Martin Verdet
2017 - France/Mexique - Couleur - 82'

There’s the megalopolis of Mexico City – swarming, shifting, clamorous – and a tiny apartment, cramped and enclosed. There’s Paco, the street singer, a dreamer, a wanderer adrift in his own fantasy world, and his ever so devout, passionate, and solitary mother, drowned in her prayers. There’s reality and the relentless day by day routine, and Mexico’s magic, supernaturally surging out of nowhere, reshaping it all. There’s the inexplicable and the obvious, connection and absence, sound and silence, and life to re-invent. What it is, is a contemporary Mexican tale.

Photography : Martin Verdet
Sound : Izis Puente
Editing : Catherine Rascon
Production : La Traverse, Dar a luz, Studios Orlando