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Le Monde extérieur
Stéphane Breton
2007 - France - Couleur - 55'

After Eux et Moi, Le Ciel dans un jardin then Redescendre en Nouvelle-Guinée, where any observer is an outsider, Le Monde extérieur doesn’t take place in a distant land. It isn’t the continuation of the previous films. Even if it reprises their subjective point of view and takes it to its conclusion by applying it to the closest setting possible: at home. The man with the camera returns home, to his town. He knows it too well and has known it for too long. But he is back and has to be there again, in a new way. The ethnographic methodology that he has now acquired requires him to set things at a distance and to be surprised by them.

Photography : Stéphane Breton
Sound : Stéphane Breton
Editing : Catherine Rascon
Production : Les Films d’Ici, Arte France
Distribution : Les Films d’Ici (catherine.roux@lesfilmsdici.fr, +33 (0)1 44 52 23 23)