Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Docmonde The Koro of Bakoro, the Survivors of Faso

The Koro of Bakoro, the Survivors of Faso
Simplice Herman Ganou
2017 - Burkina Faso/France - Couleur - 78'

Polo has been wandering around Ouagadougou since he was a child. Now twenty-nine, he is the eldest of a gang of youths who live struggling to get by and to get stoned. A brutal plunge into a reality as rough as the tarmac missing from the streets of Ouaga, the film raises the question of identity. In the street, you’re nobody. Polo heads for the village to try to get his birth certificate, like the metaphoric body of a Burkina Faso orphaned by the death of Sankara, and whose recent revolution has left its children abandoned.

Photography : Simplice Herman Ganou, Oumar Ba
Sound : Moumouni Sodré
Editing : Isabelle Feder, Nicolas Houver
Production : Quilombo films