Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 Rediffusions Laïcité, Inch' Allah !

Laïcité, Inch' Allah !
Nadia El Fani
2011 - France - Couleur - 72'

In August 2010 in the middle of Ramadan, under Ben Ali and in spite of the heavy censorship, Nadia El Fani filmed a Tunisia which seemed open to the principle of freedom of conscience and in its relationship with Islam. Three months later, the Tunisian revolution broke out. Nadia was in the field. While the Arab world embarked on a phase of radical change, Tunisia, where the wind of revolt first stirred, was once again a laboratory where different visions of religion were being discussed. And if for once, by the will of the people, a Muslim country adopted a secular constitution? Then the Tunisians would really have made "the revolution".

Photography : Fatma Sheriff, Dominique Delapierre
Sound : Nadia El Fani
Editing : Jérémy Leroux
Production : Kien productions, Z'Yeux Noirs Movies
Distribution : Jour2fête (samuel.blanc@jour2fete.com, +33 (0)1 40 22 92 15)