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La terre tremble ( La terra trema )
Luchino Visconti
1948 - Italie - Noir & Blanc - 160'

Back home after the war, Antoni, the elder son of a truly poor fishermen family in Sicily, has brought back projects from his stay on the continent. He mortgages his parents’ house, their unique possession, in order to set up a business of his own, with a boat and working tools. But a heavy storm catches him by surprise and destroys the boat... "In the sputters and murmurs of men about to leave for fishing at dusk, in the songs of masons, in the pallid light of a thunderstorm, in Antonio’s inflections and his mother’s resignation, this where the most sincere tone of Visconti’s poetical voice can be found." Michelangelo Antonioni

Photography : G. R. Aldo
Sound : Vittorio Trentino
Editing : Mario Serandrei
Production : Universalia
Distribution : Films sans frontières (fsf.distrib@free.fr, +33 (0)1 42 77 01 24)