Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Fragment of a filmmaker’s work: Peter Nestler Death and the Devil

Death and the Devil ( Tod und Teufel )
Peter Nestler
2009 - Suède/Allemagne - Noir & Blanc - 56'

Peter Nestler confronts the figure of his grandfather, the Count Eric von Rosen (1878-1948), a Swedish ethnographer and explorer. Using his grandfather’s collection of pictures and films – mainly taken in Latin America and Africa – Nestler recounts the life of a family member while also tackling topics of historical importance, such as von Rosen’s morbid taste for hunting and for death, which he pursued to the point of openly supporting the Nazis in the thirties.

Photography : Peter Nestler
Sound : Franz Bielefeld
Editing : Dieter Reifarth
Production : Strandfilm, Kintopp HB (pour ZDF/3sat)