Les États généraux du film documentaire 2011 Viewing Experiences La Langue de Zahra

La Langue de Zahra
Fatima Sissani
2011 - France - Couleur - 93'

The Kabyls exist primarily through speech. Each daily gesture flows into a verse, a metaphor, a proverb… I sensed this reality and measured its intensity and calibre by filming my mother. I watched, fascinated, this woman who held on unshakeably to her mother tongue. A woman who revealed an orality that has been transmitted from generation to generation. A language that brought together poetry and eloquence to talk about bucolic childhood, exile or poverty… This language is the ultimate intelligence that most of the Kabyls emigrants carried with them… A language to construct an “elsewhere” that is not only exile.

Photography : Olga Widmer
Sound : Olivier Krabbé
Editing : Anne Lecour
Production : 24 Images Vidéogram productions
Distribution : 24 Images Vidéogram productions (smitha@24images.fr, +33 (0)2 43 78 18 45)