Les États généraux du film documentaire 2014 Doc History: Italy La ferriera abbandonata

La ferriera abbandonata ( L'Usine à fer abandonnée )
Aglauco Casadio
1962 - Italie - Couleur - 10'

In the Italsider de Voltri factory (Genoa), men busily manufactured steel and iron. Today the site is abandoned and silent. On these fascinating ruins, Aglauco Casadio has made an experimental film of extreme formal purity. Mario Vulpiani's cinematography breaks with documentary realism, integrating entire sequences of negative images, and the concrete music of Sandro Brugnolini plunges us into a decomposing universe.

Photography : Mario Vulpiani
Editing : Aglauco Casadio
Music : Sandro Brugnolini
Production : Corona Cinematografica
(andrea.meneghelli@cineteca.bologna.it, +39 051 60 18 60)