Les États généraux du film documentaire 2010 Africa Marabou's Shadow

Marabou's Shadow ( L'Ombre des marabouts )
Cheikh N'diaye
2010 - France/Mauritanie - Couleur - 52'

In Senegal, marabous are omnipresent. Beyond the spiritual aspect, their influence manifest itself on a political, economic and social level. In muslim countries, many attempts to legitimate religious brotherhoods, like "the Muslim brothers" in Egypt, failed - repression of the government, clandestinity or civil war like in Algeria. Senegal is a rare case with President Abdoulaye Wade who proclaims his membership of the Mouride brotherhood. Through the portrayal of a farmer, a hairdresser, and a journalist, the film questions the development of marabous' brotherhoods in Senegal society since the French colonization.

Photography : Alexandra Ardoin
Sound : Daouda Niang
Editing : Thierry Czajko
Production : Mosaïque Films, Production 308
Distribution : Mosaïque Films (marianne.geslin@mosaique-films.com, +33 (0)1 42 71 17 90)