Les États généraux du film documentaire 2011 CNC - From Script to Screen L'Été de Giacomo

L'Été de Giacomo ( L’Estate di Giacomo )
Alessandro Comodin
2011 - Italie/Belgique/France - Couleur - 78'

It's summertime in the countryside of North-East Italy. Giacomo is a nineteen-year-old deaf boy. One day with Stefania, a friend from childhood, they go to the river to have a picnic. The two youths wander so far from the trodden paths that they finally get lost. They find themselves alone and free during an afternoon that could last the entire summer. Sensuality intermingles with their childhood games until Stefania and Giacomo become aware that the adventure they are living together is nothing but a memory, both sweet and bitter, of a time already lost.

Photography : Tristan Bordmann
Sound : Julien Courroye
Editing : João Nicolau
Production : Faber Film, Les Films Nus, Les Films d’Ici
Distribution : Faber Film (paolobenzi@faberfilm.it)