Les États généraux du film documentaire 2016 Docmonde The Fruitless Tree

The Fruitless Tree
Aïcha Macky
2016 - Niger/France - Couleur - 52'

As a married but childless woman, Aïcha finds herself in a situation that is totally “out of the ordinary” in her country. But just like everywhere else in the world, Niger also experiences problems with infertility. Using her personal story and directing her questions to her mother who died in childbirth, the director explores the private suffering of women in her situation with great sensitivity. Speaking openly as a childless woman among mothers, she breaks a taboo in Nigerian society.

Photography : Julien Bossé
Sound : Corneille Houssou
Editing : Aurélie Jourdan
Music : Dominique Peter
Production : Maggia images, Les Films du Balibari