Les États généraux du film documentaire 2012 Special Screenings Kaspar Film

Kaspar Film
Florence Pezon
2011 - France - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - 55'

Having been kept prisoner in a barn till he reached the "age of a young man", Kaspar Hauser came forth into the world in Bavaria one morning of 1828. Under the care of Professors Daumer and Feuerbach, Kaspar acquired the use of language and wrote, at the end of his life, the story of his "birth". The film reproduces the experience of reality suddenly coming into view with the actor Axel Bogousslavsky. Kaspar's words wends its way through the countryside, allowing us to witness his discovery of the world. The screening will be accompanied with a filmed foreword. In the presence of Florence Pezon, Alexandre Barry and Axel Bogousslavsky (actor).

Photography : Thomas Favel
Sound : Matthieu Perrot
Editing : Florence Pezon
Production : 25 Films, Vicky Films
Distribution : 25 Films (contact@25films.fr)