Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Doc route: Lebanon Merely a Smell

Merely a Smell ( Moujarad raiha )
Maher Abi Samra
2007 - Liban/France - Noir & Blanc - 10'

Summer 2006, the Israeli war against Lebanon. A boat makes its way towards besieged Beirut to evacuate foreign nationals. Under the rubble, destroyed buildings. The survivors drag out the corpses of the dead. Moving between light and darkness, between life and its extinction, the bodies of the living sketch out the silhouettes of other bodies, the odour of death covering everything.

Photography : Maher Abi Samra
Sound : Nadim Mishlawi
Editing : Ammar Albeik
Production : Maher Abi Samra, Les Films d’ici