Les États généraux du film documentaire 2011 Doc Route: Italy In Purgatorio

In Purgatorio
Giovanni Cioni
2009 - France/Italie/Belgique - Couleur - 69'

"This film was inspired by the cult of purgatory in Naples. It’s a collection of encounters, sacred places, true stories, testimonies and dreams. It explores the depth of the cult and its questioning. We need to know that we existed. A soul in purgatory inhabits this world: the unknown dead, who appears in dreams and wanders around the living; a stranger in a crowd; the stare of the deceased immortalized in a photograph. The Other. One of the others, each one of us. I live in this world. I am one of the others."

Photography : Giovanni Cioni, Marcello Sannino
Sound : Daghi Rondinni, Alberto Padoan
Editing : Giovanni Cioni, Davide Santi, Massimiliano Pacifico
Production : Teatri Uniti, Zeugma films, Qwazi qWazi FilM
Distribution : Zeugma films (mdavid@zeugma-films.fr, +33 (0)1 43 87 00 54)