Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 Doc History: Belgium Images d'Ostende

Images d'Ostende
Henri Storck
1929 - Belgique - Noir & Blanc - 12'

This film from the nineteen-thirties, one of Storck's debuts, is more than just a portrait – albeit a well-documented one – of the sea front at Ostend; it is a veritable visual symphony. Divided into chapters (the port, the anchors, the wind, the foam, the dunes and the sea), the film slowly slides towards abstraction. And yet, the film loses none of its documentary value. Images d’Ostende provides us today with an extraordinary document on the Flemish coast. The first sequence shows old fishing boats, still holding their own alongside their heavy trawler neighbors: Stork is pointing to the already present threat of pollution...

Photography : Henri Storck
Editing : Henri Storck
Production : Henri Storck
Distribution : Fonds Henri Storck (info@fondshenristorck.be, +32 (0)2 219 63 33)