Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 Fragment of a filmmaker's work: Ute Aurand and Margaret Tait Half-Moon for Margaret

Half-Moon for Margaret ( Halbmond für Margaret )
Ute Aurand
2004 - Allemagne - Couleur - 15'

A diary film dedicated to Margaret Tait: pure visual music that flashes like bursts of energy. “Glimpses of my life. Friends, [...] skaters on the frozen lake of my childhood, balloons in the morning sun, my godchild Paulina, Ulrike’s 50th birthday on the Baltic Sea, my desk in November 2003. I collect these moments, mostly edited in the camera while filming and later joined together in a new order. Each retains the immediacy of a first impression. [...]” (Ute Aurand)

Photography : Ute Aurand
Editing : Ute Aurand
Production : Ute Aurand Filmproduktion (uaurand@t-online.de, +49 30 6916778)
Distribution : Ute Aurand Filmproduktion (uaurand@t-online.de, +49 30 6916778)