Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 Fragment of a filmmaker's work: Barbara Meter Greece, to Me

Greece, to Me
Barbara Meter
2001 - Pays-Bas - Couleur - 9'

“It is always the same: the eternal sea, the blinding light, the trees in bloom, the people, the music... And each time I want to hold it, it escapes me. The images are often held for a while and then left to themselves – only to fade out just as they begin to move. For me this enhances the feeling of memory – and the sensation that when you leave a place you know that everything is still there, without you. And so the film is both elongated and fragmented. The emotional center of the film is my love for Greece.” (Barbara Meter)

Photography : Barbara Meter
Sound : Barbara Meter
Editing : Barbara Meter
Production : Barbara Meter
Distribution : FilmMuseum Eye (martajurkiewicz@eyefilm.nl, +31 (0)20 7582350)