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Géographie humaine
Claire Simon
2012 - France - Couleur - 101'

A documentary portrait of the gare du Nord. Countless people pass through the station and cross it, coming from Paris suburbs, provincial France or abroad. This is a motionless journey in the gare du Nord in the company of Simon Mérabet, a friend from Southern France of Algerian origin. Fleeting encounters in which each person relates his or her life in a few words before getting on a train and vanishing. The crowd of travellers suddenly comes to life through intersecting stories, one life then another, while globalisation forges destinies submitted to geography or economy. Just like a book does, the film collects writings: final words before vanishing.

Photography : Claire Simon
Sound : Sylvain Copans, Thomas Gastinel, Olivier Hespel
Editing : Catherine Rascon, Luc Forveille
Production : Les Films d'ici, Film Factory, Vosges Télévision
Distribution : Les Films d'ici (richard.copans@lesfilmsdici.fr, +33 (0)1 44 52 23 23)