Les États généraux du film documentaire 2014 Fragment of a filmmaker's work: Sándor Sára Festenek a gyerekek (Peintures d'enfants)

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Festenek a gyerekek (Peintures d'enfants)
Róbert Bán
1959 - Hongrie - Couleur - 10'

In front of Sándor Sára's camera which exalts their bright colours, children's paintings recount daily life and the cycle of the four seasons. The film was made with drawings by children from thirty-two countries aged from four to fourteen and brought together for an international exhibition. Accompanied by the music of a famous Hungarian composer, these images sing the praises of pacifism and the community of peoples accompanied by the words of a remarkable poet, Sándor Weöres. The newly born Béla Balázs Studio produces here a strong film benefitting from the collaboration of talents at a high level.

Photography : Sándor Sára
Sound : Ferenc Lohr
Editing : Edit B. Mészáros
Music : Emil Petrovics
Production : Budapest Filmstúdió : Balázs Béla Stúdió
(szorenyi.dorottya@mandarchiv.hu, +36 13 94 13 22 143)