Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Docmonde To Be Vazaha

To Be Vazaha
Philippe Gaubert
2017 - Madagascar/France - Couleur - 60'

I am originally from Corsica. Craving for adventures and being a photographer, my youth days took me from one island to another: my destination was Madagascar. I have been living there for the last twenty years. I have married an insular Malagasy woman and become the father of two mixed-race children. When you are white and you live in Madagascar, you become a “Vazaha”. What is it like to be a “Vazaha”?

Photography : Philippe Gaubert
Sound : Philippe Gaubert, Geoffroy Garing
Editing : Joëlle Janssen
Production : Vie des Hauts production, Les Films de Lili production, Lyon Capitale TV